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February 23, 2018
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The Shell Game

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Ohio Roundtable - The Public Square Radio Show  -  Doing the Paperwork

The Shell Game

Is the Ohio Lottery telling us the truth about the Big Game?

The politicians told us back in '73 the Lottery would fix our schools. They told us in '87 that all the proceeds would go to education. Now they tell us the Big Game money that goes in - they plan to take out and pay other bills. Are they ever going to tell us the truth about the Ohio Lottery? To learn more visit the Ohio Roundtable at

Yes it is a shell game isn't it? For over 30 years the Ohio Lottery has made promises and they seem to always fall short. Now we're being told once again we need a bigger game, a newer game, now a multi-state game to try to keep up with state spending.

We'll this one will fail too as they all have in the past. The answer is quite simple, the reason is clear, the economics of gambling just don't work. That's a problem when your government is hooked, isn't it?

There's something you can do about it. You can help us get these ads on radio and television stations all across Ohio. It costs money to do that and you can find out how you can contribute. If you'd like to listen to these ads again or see the complete series for television, you can see them first on our website by going to or you can call us for free information about this campaign regarding the Ohio Lottery at 1-800-522-VOTE. 

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Gambling and Good Government Don't Mix Ads

Learn more about the current lottery lawsuit.

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