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Oral Arguments II

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - School Choice Oral Arguments II

School Choice Oral Arguements II

We've been debating school choice for six years now. The NEA, the AFT, and the ACLU are big-time players with huge dollars backing their lawyers. Six times now we have faced-off with their high power and high paid army of lawyers, all of who spit out the word voucher as if it were a deadly disease. So when their two legal generals rose that day and came to meet before the US Supreme Court we expected a very rough go of it.

The Ohio School Choice plan was defended by Attorney General Betty Montgomery and her ace solicitor, Judith French. The full team included Ohioan David Young, and President Bush's chief counsel, Solicitor General Ted Olson. The behind the scenes quarterback was former Federal Judge Ken Starr.  Their arguments and answers were outstanding, some might even say near flawless.

The ACLU, AFT, NEA group was legendary as was their surprising disintegration before the nine most important judges in the land. They brought forward tired arguments from prior cases that seemed to tire and even annoy the Court. They were loud, interrupting several Justices including the Chief Justice and at times evasive. At one point Justice Kennedy chastised them for failing to answer Justice O'Connor's repeated questions.

In short, from my viewpoint in the front row the anti-school choice team fell apart on the biggest day of this six year struggle. They simply imploded. And the shock and surprise around the packed courtroom was obvious to all. Learn more about what happened on that historic day. We have a special newsletter prepared for our regular supporters we are sharing this month, free of charge. Newsletter

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