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Lottery Lawsuit Update

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Banning Mealtime Prayer

Update on the Lottery Suit

Remember that little lawsuit we talked about? The one against the expansion of the Ohio Lottery?

It didn't seem like a very big lawsuit when it all got started.  A number of Ohioans looked at what the Constitution said and compared it with what the General Assembly did in attempting to expand the lottery. The two laws just didn't match up at all. So several of us got together and filed a lawsuit. Then the tidal wave hit!

In just two week, statewide reporters, TV journalists, radio talk show hosts, and national media came out of the woodwork to write about this little lawsuit challenging the notion that more gambling was good for the economy. We've been collecting the news stories and editorials that have popped up all over Ohio.

We've placed many of them on our website so you can catch up on all the news quickly and free of charge. In the midst of all this flurry an interesting discovery has come to light. As we travel Ohio talking about the mismatch between gambling and good government something quite surprising keeps happening. All kinds of people stand up and applaud. Republicans, Democrats, editorial writers, business leaders, and everyday Ohio folks cheer together saying its about time somebody finally stood up and told the truth about the Ohio lottery and legalized gambling.
What a wonderful, wonderful surprise.

If you're one of those that's been applauding - thank you. If you'd like to join the growing tidal wave of support to get Ohio back to an honest economy and out of the gambling business please call us today, write us. We need your help.

Ohio Roundtable
phone : 1- 800-522-VOTE

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