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Science Standards

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Science Standards

Science Standards

The State Board of Education and the Ohio Department of Education have a plan. They are working to fulfill a mandate from the General Assembly to create new state education standards. At first look most people like the idea of standards. They make us feel good. Make us believe that our children will get a better education. Only problem is on many subjects, like science, people have different views as to what should be considered the official state standard.

For example, in the realm of science, the debate is over whether or not children should be permitted to hear or discuss any ideas that conflict with Darwin's theory of evolution and whether or not the possibility of intelligent design should be permitted in a public school. The Department of Education is clearly against the idea but they set up a website for public comment. Only problem was they shut the site down almost ten days before they promised and lots of people did not have a chance to comment at all.

It appears that lots of people would like to permit a little free speech and free thought in public school classrooms.  Others disagree and want only Darwinian Evolution to be the controlling standard. What do you think? Should there still be room for free expression of thought during science classes in Ohio?

If you would like to express your opinion, we'll be happy to link you to a source that will get your thoughts to the State Board of Education.

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