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S-1028 Health Care

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - S-1028 Health Care

S-1028 Health Care

Are we about to see a re-run of the great health care debate?

Who can forget the great health care debate of '93 and '94 - the 1200-page Health Security Act, the secret Whitehouse committee, the t.v. ads with Harry and Louise. It sort of brings chills to the spine, doesn't it?

The overwhelming consensus at the end of that debate was that the American people just don't want the federal government in charge of health care.

Many see the elections of '94 as the people sending a message to Congress to back off big government health care proposals, but Congress may already be facing a memory lapse.

Two senators have introduced S-1028, which will grant the federal government the power to override state health insurance laws and force policies to conform to the wishes of the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

S-1028 is the old half-loaf theory of lawmaking. Since a 1200-page version of the federal health care takeover failed, let's wait a year and begin to slowly reintroduce the key elements of the takeover plan. S-1028 is designed to slowly wrest away your right to choose the health care plan you desire. Health care, like education, is primarily a matter of the soul.

When you're sick and need help, you don't write your congressman or fly to D.C. to consult with the Secretary of H.H.S. Washington cannot run your health care, but it looks like Congress is ready to try again.

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