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Healthcare Takeover / Half A Loaf

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Healthcare Takeover/Half A Loaf

Healthcare Takeover/Half A Loaf

Remember the Clinton healthcare debate of '93 and '94? Did you think that measure was defeated on Capitol Hill?

In Washington, Columbus, and in every political capital across America, the term is known as "incrementalism." It means, if you can't get everything you want today, just keep at it, and eventually you will. Politically speaking, it's also called "going for half a loaf." Getting half the loaf of bread today is better than no bread at all. So you take half today and go for half tomorrow.

Members of Congress and the administration are currently practicing political incrementalism to the degree of fine art, in the area of healthcare. The President and Congress were unable to pass the Health Security Act and eliminate private healthcare from the American economy in '93 and '94. Now the democrats and republicans together are taking the incremental approach and ever so slowly accomplishing the very same objective.

First they passed a law to bring uninsured children into a federal healthcare plan. Now they're poised to pass another law to extend federal healthcare to citizens age 55 and older. Both these laws will encourage total dependency on the federal government for healthcare.

In essence, they're cutting the healthcare loaf into thirds. First they go after the children, then the seniors. Eventually the only people left outside the federal healthcare loop will be working adults— the very same people who are paying for everyone else's healthcare, including the President's and the members of Congress. And when the working people of America finally realize they can't afford their own insurance anymore, because their healthcare taxes are so high, they will eventually capitulate to the less-efficient, lower-quality, government healthcare plan.

After all, having half your health is better than none at all.

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