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Defining Moments - President Bill Clinton and Universal Health Care

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Defining Moments / Health Care

Defining Moments / Health Care

We've all heard of "defining moments." People have them; companies have them; but do nations have them?

Yes, history reveals that nations unquestionably have defining moments - July 4, 1776; July 3, 1863, at Gettysburg; Pearl Harbor -all defining moments in American history, just to mention a few.

Another defining moment is on the American horizon. This time the challenge will not come from across the ocean or involve a foreign aggressor. This moment of conflict is coming from within.

America's in serious financial trouble. We all know that. In spite of all the political rhetoric we hear, the nation is still running a significant deficit that's stoking the interest on our $5 trillion debt.

In just a few more years, Medicaid will be the year 2001, according to Mr. Leonard Schafer, President and CEO of Blue Cross, California.

Fixing Medicare, Social Security, and a host of other problems is going to be very tough because of an aging American population. The millions of baby boomers will soon reach retirement age and be entitled by law to billions of dollars in benefits. The only problem is, the government is broke, and giving those benefits out will require astronomical taxes on a workforce too small to support the boomers in retirement.

This will be the defining moment, one Schafer calls "a moment of intergenerational warfare over health." The defining moment will come over health care - who gets it, who pays for it, and who's left out in the cold.

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