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Election 2000 - What we have learned

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Election 2000 - What we've learned

Election 2000 - What have we learned?

The election 2000 – have we learned anything? I can’t say this with certainty – I’m claiming no prophetic insight here – but I can’t help wondering if the last election was in fact an answer to prayer. I wonder if all the division, all the chaos, all the distress doesn’t in fact provide an honest, accurate picture of what is really wrong in our country.

First of all – half of us just don’t care enough to vote. If just a few thousand more Americans cared enough to bother the whole election would have been over on November 7th.

Secondly, the closeness of this election shows just how deeply divided we truly are.

And finally, the chaos in Florida reveals perhaps our deepest flaws. When the Founders build America they understood that civil government is a direct reflection of self-government. If we cannot first govern ourselves then we surely cannot unite to fairly govern others. 

Self-government requires sacrifice – it means doing what is right even when no one else is looking.  Only when we govern ourselves according to God’s laws can we begin to govern each other fairly. But when all that matters is winning and controlling power – then right and wrong go out the window. All that matters is who has the better lawyers, or more judges on their side. Without a higher law, a transcendent ethic, a moral compass, American politics deteriorate to the ancient creed of “Might makes right”.

Isn’t America supposed to be about more than my side winning? Isn’t there more to the vision of Liberty?

We’d love to learn what you think.

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