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Cost of the Failed Clinton Health Care Plan

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Cost of the Failed Health Care Plan

Cost of the Failed Health Care Plan

Do you remember the great health care debate of 1994?

I hate to be the one to bring back the painful memories of the great health care debate of 1994 - that 1342+ page Health Security Act, the endless TV commercials, the endless debate all across the different channels that you dial across on your television set. But there is one final fact - a footnote that has come forward - and that's the cost to taxpayers for the assembling of the Health Security Act.

The initial projections in 1993 were that it would cost $100,000. In testimony before Congress in 1994, the administration projected that the cost would be $200,000. Now the final bill is in.

The 12-member task force on health care reform spent $14 million - taxpayer dollars - to create the Health Security Act, a plan, which, by the way, was basically rejected from the moment it was introduced in Congress, which led to the ultimate rejection of the concept of the federal government creating a master plan, which would bring in everybody under the federal umbrella of a national Health Security Act.

This footnote does cause us to wonder though, doesn't it? If assembling a plan for health care, which began as a $100,000 project, then became $200,000 - and years later we come to find out it actually cost the taxpayers $14 million - can you imagine what your health care bills would look like if the federal government ever really got control of your insurance plan?

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