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The Lotto in Your House

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - The Lotto in Your House

The Lotto in Your House

State lawmakers are pushing to bring the lotto to the Internet.  Good idea or not?  It would not be fair to say we do not have a bias on this issue.  We do.  The Ohio Roundtable has a history of opposing legalized gambling.  We think the Lottery is a dumb idea.  And we think it is particularly dumb to bring the state lottery games right into your home.  Here's one reason why:

No matter how much state officials promise that children will not gain access into the games--they will.  Some will get mom and dad's credit card number and play.  Others will tap into the site and find a way t get around whatever safety screens and firewalls the state tries to build.  Who will cover the liability for such actions?  Will the state refund the money for any such unauthorized play?  Will having the lotto in your home create new reasons to worry about what is happening when you are not around?

Click here to read the opinion of Dick Feagler in recent Plain Dealer article.

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