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Human Brain Stem Cell Research

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square -  Human Brain Stem Cell Research

Human Brain Stem Cell Research

Have you ever heard of the NIH?  It sounds like something out of a CS Lewis science fiction novel.  The NIH is a government agency headquartered in Washington DC.  The people who work there are not elected, yet they make policy decisions that impact your health and the health of all Americans.

Recently, the NIH issued guidelines for research on human brain stem cells taken from unborn children.  The embryos, created in fertility clinics are destroyed for this research.  The guidelines clear the way to federal funding of such research.

Here's the problem.  Congress specifically banned federal funding for human embryo research.  But the NIH has found a way around that ban.  They say researchers may not directly destroy the embryos with tax dollars.  That has to be done by a private firm.  Government funds, however can be spent to research those cells. 

This means that federal tax dollars can now flow to research that requires the extermination of an unborn life.  Not because Congress sys so or because of Court has ruled but because the NIH has issued a guideline based upon the views of government employees elected by no one.  Buy the way, the NIH stands for the National Institutes of Health.  Ironic isn't it?


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