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Lottery Poison / Alabama

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Lottery Poison

Lottery Poison

Did you know that the voters of Alabama recently rejected establishing an Alabama state lottery? Do they know something we don't?

Voters in Alabama recently sent a proposal to establish a state lottery to an overwhelming defeat.

Does this vote indicate a turning tide against state sponsored lotteries? The Plain Dealer recently ran an investigation which revealed that the Ohio Lottery is played much more by poor urban citizens than any other group.

Of course nothing can be done to stop this - in fact the Lottery Commission is expanding its games to entice this group of people to play all the more.


Because the state treasury needs the money - or so they say. So the State of Ohio, through the Lottery Commission is working hard to help poor working people lose money on a game everyone knows they cannot win.

That is what state lotteries do - they put government in the position of encouraging people to throw their money away on false hopes. Of course the more money they lose - the more money politicians in Columbus get to spend.

Those people in Alabama sure saved themselves a lot of pain.

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