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Brits Ration Healthcare
Smokers, Obese denied surgery-who is next?

4th Grade Hit Squad
Pittsburgh Teacher Attacked

Mandalay Bay and Ellen?
Campos reappears - still no timeline

David Zanotti's Blog For the Common Good Blog
On Mandalay Bay
We have been talking about this a lot on radio stations across the nation. Something about the behavior of Mandalay Bay and those in charge of the investigation of the horrific shooting there is NOT right. This is a conspiracy in plain sight. It flows from the secretive culture of...
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Dr. Jeff Sander's Blog A Moment in History
Some Things I am Grateful For
My wife and I have just returned from a missions trip with Samaritan's Purse in Houston.  We witnessed first hand some of the devastation in southeast Texas.  We went past hundreds of homes and businesses that may have looked fine on the outside, but they were gutted on the inside. ...
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They Just Can't Do It
Is Congress Making Us Sick?
A Healthier Plan
Dr. McGowen's Blog
Peace Be Still

The American Mission Series

The Fanny Crosby Project

Article One Project

Life's Greatest Question