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Rob Walgate's Biography

Rob Walgate serves as Vice President of The American Policy Roundtable. Mr. Walgate's work focuses on upholding APR's organizational mission of "reaching all people with the message of liberty."

Since joining the Roundtable in 2003, Mr. Walgate has provided leadership on multiple statewide ballot campaigns, including but not limited to, taxation policies and gambling. He continues to spend much time in Columbus working to shape public policy that will impact Ohio families and communities. A noted speaker, Mr. Walgate has been a guest on numerous radio and television shows covering the political landscape. He is also a frequent guest on The American Policy Roundtable's national radio broadcast, The Public Square®.

Rob and his wife Rachel reside in Northeast Ohio with their two children.

Melanie Elsey's Biography

Melanie Elsey serves as the National Legislative Director for the American Policy Roundtable.

Having formerly taught in the public schools, her work today primarily focuses on researching public policy and communicating with state and federal legislators regarding the impact on families and communities. Melanie closely followed the development of the most recent federal healthcare law, reading various drafts and the final version multiple times. To this end, she has been asked to present its impact in community forums across Ohio for the purpose of educating the public.

In addition, Melanie can be heard weekly bringing the message of responsible citizenship to the public on The Public Square® radio program, co-hosted by Dave Zanotti and Wayne Shepherd.